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We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs

Our skilled workforce and specialized heavy equipment are designed to provide you with safe, cost-effective demolition and excavation services in a timely and professional manner.


Taylor Excavating is experienced with the excavation of both commercial and residential buildings in a full range of sizes and complexity. We specialize in challenging jobs that are constrained by tight urban spaces, attached/adjoined buildings, and/or short project timelines.   Before performing any excavation within the City of Chicago Corporate limits, we call DIGGER. DIGGER is a twenty-four-hour service network system established to prevent contractors from hitting any existing utility lines when digging.

This system notifies all utilities of impending excavations. We call JULIE, the Illinois one-call system when digging in the State of Illinois, but outside the city limits of Chicago.   We own a full range of trucks which allows us to haul away excavated material in the most cost-effective and timely manner. All necessary transportation permits are obtained and displayed.   Taylor Excavating maintains ongoing relationships with major landfills, transfer stations, and scrap yards for legal and prompt disposal and recycling of all excavated materials.


Our goal with every partial and total demolition project is to make the overall project easy for you by providing full service capabilities. First and foremost all wrecking permits and necessary sign-offs are put in place with the following City of Chicago Departments:  

  • Department of Environment

  • Department of Sewer and Water

  • Department of Rodent Control

  • Department of Transportation

As soon as we begin the demolition permitting process we notify, via certified mail, the Alderman of the Ward and each adjoining neighbor that the building in question will be demolished. We also submit a Service Pipe Disconnect request to Peoples Gas. We comply with the City of Chicago recycling ordinance by documenting types and amounts of debris removed and then recycling over 50% of construction and demolition debris produced on the following:  

  • Residential buildings with Four (4) or more Units

  • Non-Residential buildings with more than 4,000 square feet

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